1. How do I select the device model?
The model can be selected by entering the manufacturer and model or by entering the IMEI.

2. Can I sell all device models?
No, as many device models no longer have a purchase value, not all models are purchased.

3. When is the sales price of my device calculated during the evaluation?
After all technical and visual condition questions about the device have been answered.

4. Why is a sales price not calculated for my device?
If the condition of the device does not meet the minimum technical or visual requirements, a sales price cannot be determined for the device.

5. Can I sell more than one device?
Depending on how the evaluation process for a device has gone, an additional device may be evaluated and sold. You can sell up to five devices in total.

6. What is the legal significance if I click on "Submit offer"?
By clicking on "Submit offer", you submit an offer to Teqcycle, which then has to be accepted by Teqcycle. Once this offer has been accepted, a legally binding purchase agreement is formed.

7. How can I track the status of my sales transaction?
Once the sales transaction has been completed, you will be sent an email containing a link which brings you to an overview page. There you will find all information on the status of the sales transaction.

8. Can I sell a device with an activated Apple activation lock, Android activation lock or other lock?
No, please remove all existing activation locks before sending a device to us, because otherwise we cannot use it and it therefore has no purchase value to us.

9. What is the Apple activation lock and how can I deactivate it?
The Apple activation lock is an app called "Search my iPhone". If you use this app, you have to remove your device from your iCloud: Settings -> iCloud -> Search my iPhone -> Switch off -> Enter Apple ID password -> Deactivate.

10. What is the Android activation lock and how can I deactivate it?

Depending on the manufacturer there can be different types of activation locks for Android phones. A device with an activated lock has no purchase value for us and we will not purchase it.

Please note: Resetting the device to factory settings does not automatically result in a deactivation of the activation lock!

Amongst others, there can be one of the following locks:

  1. Lock via Google account
    Remove Google account: Settings → Accounts → Google account → Selection of Google account opens sync settings of account → Open menu → Remove account
  2. Lock via Samsung reactivation lock
    Remove Samsung reactivation lock: Settings → Lock screen and security → Find my mobile → Deactivation of reactivation lock → Confirmation with details of Samsung account
  3. Lock via Blackberry ID
    Remove Blackberry ID: The confirmation-email sent out when the Blackberry ID was set up, contains the link to remove the Blackberry ID

11. How do I dispatch my device?
Download the necessary shipping documents on your status page, and pack your device according to the shipping instructions. Always leave the battery in the device. Stick the shipping label on the box and bring the package to your nearest branch of the transportation provider that's on the label.

12. What happens after I have sent my device?
Once Teqcycle has completed the device evaluation, you will either receive confirmation about your offer or a new offer. A sales agreement is formed once you have provided confirmation.

13. What are the methods of payment?
Currently the only option available is bank transfer.

14. During the online evaluation process I was not asked for my bank details - how will I receive the payment?
Your bank details are not requested until the sale is materialised and you decided on your status page to receive the sales price as transfer to your bank account.

15. Will the sales price be transferred to my bank account in my local currency?
During the online evaluation the sales price will be shown in Euro and the wire transfer also will be done in Euro. For customers from the UK or Switzerland there will be made a conversion from the corresponding payment to EURO according to the current daily exchange rate effective on date of payment.

16. How long will it take until I receive the payment for my device?
After the offer is accepted, the purchase is concluded. The bank transfer will be conducted within three working days.

17. How is my device evaluated by Teqcycle?
Teqcycle evaluates the device based on the same questions that are addressed to you in this sales portal.

18. What happens if Teqcycle's evaluation is consistent with my evaluation?
Your offer is accepted and you will receive the sales price as transfer to your bank account.

19. What happens if Teqcycle's evaluation deviates from mine?
If your evaluation is inconsistent with Teqcycle's, Teqcycle will not accept your offer, but make you a new offer immediately.

20. What happens if I refuse to accept Teqcycle's new offer?
If you refuse to accept Teqcycle's new offer, the device will be returned to you free of charge.

21. What happens to SIM and memory cards that were still in the device at the time of dispatch to Teqcycle?
All SIM and memory cards should have been removed from the device before dispatch to Teqcycle. If this did not occur, they will be removed and destroyed upon receipt by Teqcycle. Even where no sale materialises and the device is returned to the seller, these SIM and memory cards will not be returned to the seller.

22. Can I add accessories and original packaging to my shipment, so this can also be sold to Teqcycle?
No. It is completely sufficient to only send the evaluated device to us. Please don't add any accessories or the original packaging to your shipment, Teqcycle will not purchase these items. Furthermore, Teqcycle is not obliged to send any accessories or the original packaging back to you.

23. What happens with personal data that is still on my device at the time of dispatch to Teqcycle?
Before sending your device to Teqcycle, you should store your personal data elsewhere and reset the device to its factory settings. Once the device has been received, Teqcycle will delete the data and will be unable to subsequently transfer back your data to you.

24. Will my data be securely deleted?
Yes! Teqcycle guarantees that the existing data will be fully and securely deleted. This process is certified by DEKRA Certification GmbH. The latest deletion software employed by the company blancco is used to delete the data.

25. Will data, memory cards, etc. be returned to me if my device is not returned due to non-acceptance of the offer?
If no purchase materialises and the device is returned to the seller, memory cards will not be returned to the seller. You must ensure that all data on the device is backed up elsewhere.

26. What is an evaluation report?
This report compares your evaluation with Teqcycle's evaluation. This allows you to track precisely where your evaluation is consistent with or deviates from Teqcycle's evaluation.

27. I am a business customer and would like to sell my device - is that possible?
Please kindly understand that our service is only addressed to private persons and not to business customers.

28. I changed my mind and decided to not sell my device.
As long as you didn't send your device to us you can cancel the sales process at any time. Please send us a short note in this matter.